API used to dynamically generate SVG and PNG Ludum Dare results badges in real-time.

Live Demo

Note: This project is community made and not endorsed by the offical Ludum Dare creator(s).


SVG Badge:

Ludum Dare Badges SVG Badge

PNG Badge:

Ludum Dare Badges PNG Badge


Simply form the API query using your game's Ludum Dare entry page path.

The path is in the form :event/:game/badge.<type> where:

  • event - Ludum Dare event number (eg. 44 for Ludum Dare 44)
  • game - Game title in the URL of the Ludum Dare entry page.
  • type - File type. Can be either svg or png. svg is recommenced if it is supported.

For example the SVG badge for ALIEN, e x p a n s i o n . the path would be 44/alien-e-x-p-a-n-s-i-o-n/badge.svg

You can also think of it as adding /badge.svg to the existing Ludum Dare path:

Ludum Dare Badges URL Path


This path can be appended to the domain of to form the image URL:

Or more generalized:<type> may also be used as the domain.

Self Hosting

Self hosting can done easily though Vercel's serverless platform.

Simply install the Vercel CLI with:


yarn global add vercel


npm install -g vercel

and type vercel in the root of the monorepo.

To form the API query follow the steps above with and replace the domain with the domain of your self hosted instance: